Ghoul Releases Four Song E.P

He is a Goth music lover, fan, blogger, youtuber, and also a Goth musician. Dean Ricks a.k.a Ghoul recently decided to just simply turn his dream of making Goth music into reality by releasing an E.P entitled “White As Death”. The four song E.P is definitely going to be enjoyed by Goth music lovers because of the message behind it. We got a chance to interview him and here is what he had to say below:

Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
I was born Dean Ricks. But i’d rather be known as Ghoul.

Q: Where are you from and Where are you based?
I’m born and raised Northern California. I’ve never ever lived anywhere outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently live in Newark, CA.

Q: At What age did you start making music?
It started early, like in elementary school. I think I wrote my first song in the 4th grade.

Q: what genre would you consider yourself?
I’m for sure in the Gothic and industrial category. I’m either way over to one side or way over to the other.

Q: Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message

My latest release is ‘White As Death’. An E.P. of four songs. Two songs are firmly in the vein of Goth rock (The Bridge, Kill For Peace), and the other two are rooted deeply in industrial dance. (Totentanz, Guinea Pigs.) I’m aiming for the same atmosphere as the first few Sisters Of Mercy releases with the goth tracks, and i’m trying to take after the better moments of Skinny Puppy with the other two tracks.

To explain the tracks: Totentanz is a fun little industrial dance song about someone who dances themselves to death. (Cheerful, right??) Guinea Pigs is my personal protest against unwilling/unsuspecting human medical experimentation, and also in the industrial genre. ‘Kill For Peace’ is a bit of a personal prayer. Something from my heart that would be wonderful if it came true. ‘The Bridge’ is written about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. ‘The bridge of death’ is a place locals gathered to watch the nuclear power plant burn, not knowing they were getting a *MASSIVE* dose of radiation that would kill them.

I’m just trying to create a mood. A feeling. I’m in love with gothic and industrial culture and fashion as well as the music, and I wanted to contribute.

Q: Who wrote it and what was the inspiration behind it
I wrote it. The inspiration? I guess you could say i’m trying to live a dream…..

Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
Oh, LORD! Blutengel, Grendel, Ramstein, Ghosting, sooooooo many! Most of them German as well!

Q: Where can fans find you? List all your social media links
The EP is available for free on Bandcamp at and you can also catch the EP on Soundcloud at Nearly all the tracks have already gotten 10,000 plays on Soundcloud. Web page is in the works as we speak! Anyone who wants to reach me via email can hit me up at Looking forward to hearing from people if they’re so inclined! 🙂

Italian Instrumental Ensemble “ARMONITE”

Armonite is the instrumental rock musical collective led by composer Paolo Fosso. In May 2018, Cleopatra Records released their new album, “And the Stars Above”, which has been presented in Japan with a 5 concert tour.

With the track ‘Blue Curaçao’, Armonite have been awarded an Honourable Mention both in the Instrumental and Performance categories at the International Song writing Competition 2017 from a top level committee including Tom Waits, Lorde, Bastille, Billy Cobham, Ziggy Marley, Don Omar, and Keane.

Their previous album, “The Sun is New each Day”, was produced in 2015 by former Muse producer Paul Reeve with mastering at the Abbey Road Studios in London. The album includes guest appearance by Colin Edwin of iconic UK prog-rockers Porcupine Tree.

Armonite performed at Expo 2015 Milano for “The Water Rooms” Official Launch organized by UNESCO. After their performance in Bettmeralp, Switzerland, March 2016, at an elevation of 2,000 meters (6,500 ft), the band toured UK in mid-July.

Armonite has also published the videos of a few soundtrack renditions from the most popular video games and movies: Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, The Exorcist, Suspiria, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, The Witcher, and many others…!

For more information:



11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025

BARLEY STATION-A Band Whose Music Combines The Roots Of Americana, Pop/Rock, Country, And Folk

BARLEY STATION has become a top Indie recording artist scoring #1 and top 10 songs on a myriad of charts, both indie and mainstream in the US such as FMQB, New Music Weekly, National Radio Hits, The Independent Music Network and overseas on the European Indie Charts with songs that cross into multiple genres.  It is about making music for the  love of art in musical form. 

The mellifluous sounds of Barley Station can be detected not only in their intricately written lyrics,
 but also in their sound  with layers of real, organic harmonies, driving rhythms, and contagious melodies.
 Although the band pulls a distinctive  Alternative vibe, in terms of genre, most reviewers, fans, and radio claim that the Barley Station signature is a genre crossover blend of Americana, Country, Pop, Folk, and even Rock/Alternative which is authentic and original.

The band’s founder and frontman, Randy Wayne Belt, cultivated his artistic edge through Musical Theater and Acting. Randy has also picked up the pen, not only as a songwriter, but also as a Music Journalist and is also, contributing writer for Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine. His work has also been published in American Pride Magazine, Indie Habit, and A.V.A. Live Radio.


In 2013, Barley Station were nominated for “Best Country Artist” and “Best Folk Artist” for AIMA (Artists In Music) Awards followed by their nomination in 2014 for “Best Country Artist” and “Best Composer/Songwriter” also at AIMA. The band was a contestant in the 2013 Texaco Country Showdown and has been interviewed internationally by numerous radio and magazine publications, including an extensive interview with the Entertainment Vine. The band has also been featured and performed live on FOX 2 News, and The Dave Glover Show on 97.1 FM in their home base area of St. Louis, MO.

Throughout 2015 they won ‘Best Video’ award for ‘Younger Summer Memories’, and multiple ‘Best Song’ awards from the Akademia Music Awards for ‘10 Nights’ and ‘Younger Summer Memories’.

In 2017, Barley Station was submitted for nomination for the Americana Music Awards in the ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Artist’ categories.   

 Press Quotes

“This group always brings top drawer tunage”

– Music Is Truth (Station), Indie Music People

“Barley Station is a rare breed of band that successfully combines all of your favorite genres into a unique sound of their own.”

– Jan Ostegard, Entertainment Vine 

“Rootsy alternative country at its best… ‘I Found You’ will find itself at home in any country music fan’s collection.”

– Eric De Fontenay, Music Dish Journal

“They blend alternative country and rootsy folk-rock into a style that has all the pop appeal of the classic Jayhawks records, but remains earthy and resolutely unpolished. It’s a win / win for me, and I’m sure they’d appeal to both No Depression readers and fans of first generation country rock”

– Leicester Bangs (UK)

“Barley Station has an addictive “twang” about their music that, honestly, I never knew I liked. In fact, I had to make a new category in the Genre section for Country just for them.”

“this group is not one to get labeled into one specific genre of music. I say kudos to them for branching out and making music they want to make.”

– Maxim Daniels, IT’s All About That Music

“it’s clear that this is a band that is going in a consistent, forward direction and show no signs of stopping.  “Double Star” is brilliant in its Immaculate Conception, composition, and imagery that is evoked when listening but it is also just a small piece of the pie when you consider the capacity and the quality of music that the band has already produced and recorded.”

-CA Marshall in Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine


For Press or Bookings please email:


The Big Al Staggs Band“Been There Done That”

Big Al Staggs’ new single / video “Been There Done That” is the first of 10 songs off the brand new “SoLo” album that features 10 freshly cooked original compositions. 

If you aren’t uplifted by the message, energy and positivity, go see a doctor. This isn’t just another song, it’s an uplifting moment, a tangible positive force that this battered society so desperately needs.

His storied career with the Left Wing Fascists and Moaning Lisas has fueled this epic offering of sheer energy, good vibes and terrific storytelling. 

Speaking of storytelling, the lyrical content is one that every man and some ladies can surely relate to. 

The tribal chant accompanying Big Al on lead vocals resets the stage for glimpses and memories of nights he can’t remember with friends that he’ll never forget. Just when you’d thought “you’d been there and done that”, “you ain’t seen the likes of her”; a life altering partner who’ll show you “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”!

This new single and video is produced and directed by the former lead guitarist for Iggy Pop and David Bowie, Stacy Heydon. Stacy is also known for his production work of the rock band Sheriff’s #1 Billboard Hot 100 single “When I’m with You” (Capitol Records).  

The music video was filmed in San Clemente CA, and includes actual real life events unfolding as the crew moved from location to location (the arrest scene and the girl in the Target parking lot removing her warmed up burrito from the running engine of her parked car)… yes really!

A perfect fit for the “Been There Done That” theme.

Big Al is from Norfolk Virginia, but his writing is from the heart and his vocal delivery is from his soul.

Check out this new single and please contact us for the complete album release set for this January 1, 2020.

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