“Total Package” By “Kendall Spencer” Is A Must Listen!

If you want to know what Jay Z and 50 cent’s scheming pattern put together in one person feels like, then you must listen to

Kendall Spencer’s album, Total Package. It is hot and fresh, as he goes back to the basis or the A, B, Cs of rap music. It has the sauce and everything to makes it thick.

Total Package, the album’s title track addresses contemporary social issues that plagued the inner cities.

It depicts his individual struggles and victories under socio-economic disadvantages. He raps about the things that affect young black males. Though he faces the risk of being misunderstood due to the use of strong and explicit languages, he still projects the theme of how he was able to succeed and rise from the bottom to the top, in the face of adversity by working and balling hard, while also dishing out warnings to those he classified as haters, enemies or unhealthy rivals.

“All In” is another track on the album, Total package. In this track, Kendall Spencer talks about working hard, relying on your inner strength, and keeping your eyes on the prize as a way of retaining the desire to get to the top of your game. He enumerates determination, motivation, and hard work as tools to succeed and become famous while urging people to continue to grind and not put their faith in any man. This album is able to connect with the audience as he executes and incorporates complex rhyme schemes, the use of melody and syncopation, rhyming in a bar, and clear enunciation while bending words to rhyme. His baritone vocals also add grits to the dynamics of the mix. He remains true to his style while carrying a concept over a series of songs, throughout the album. Other songs include Trap Phone, Shake That A$$, Getting In, Golden Aisle, Money Rain On Me, and Digging You amongst others.

Overall, the production quality is high which speaks in high regard of the technical crew as you find this album delightful.

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