A Follow Up On The Big Project “Road Trip”

Project road trip is a musical movement started by Jesse JL an independent rap artist from Germany. Jesse JL describes his Project as one which is promoting Live music and art.

Being in love with Poetry and Rap music, Jesse JL developed a deep connection with music and since then he has earned his spot in the industry and shared stages with some of the biggest names in the industry like Jay-Z.

More About PRT

Project road started 2016 when Jesse JL met a creative artist like him. Their passion was alike and they got to connect through music and in no time they were already beatboxing and freestyling at the voice of Germany where they met.
Jesse JL and Bansh came up with an idea that will be making history. It all started at their first encounter at the voice of Germany and they were the only artist with this plan of promoting live music and art. It was through their meeting at the voice of Germany that created an awesome plan that gave birth to the project road trip.


Jesse speaks of their actions towards getting people involved in their Idea, saying;

we thought, if we could get people turn around for this, it will be cool we started doing interviews, shows and tour independently without any major record label.

Fabian aka bansh, who was a friend introduced me to a producer. Dam Black started producing all the stuff then we started scouting for artists that we needed to make up the perfect piece. At first, it was written over social media then I and fabian aka Bansh met up.
7 songs as already been written by me and fabian which was produced by Damn Black in Manheim. I and fabian met up at Damn Black studio in Manheim and made history.

Right now PRT is on Antenna, Radio station all over germany. PRT is on mix boxes in Germany and Australia which is our head quarter. Right now we are getting mad turn up, people want to be part of this. We realised we need no label to do this, we dont need a label to get on the radio, we just doing everything independently and making the history.

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