Killer Song By “Kela” is “Rare”

“Rare” is a cool r&b song by Kela and it also features W!LL, and T-Lee. It is full of light, positive, and substantive vigor that would get you calmly elated and endeared to its captivating allure. It is most definitely a killer song that is a must listen!

If you possess anything (talent, character, true love, etc) you consider rare in life, it would become special to you and you would value and appreciate it.

One of the most striking feats you would get to notice in Rare is its “down to earth”, organic and simplistic approach/outlook which is underscored by its conspicuous, reverberating beats dictating the moderate pace of the song as it eases tensions and stress while calming the nerves with its therapeutic balming effect.

“Rare” has the potential to fix Kela among the constellations as Rare’s composition is well drilled, dotting all the “Is” and crossing all the “Ts”.

The keyboard and synthesizer, with its additive and subtractive influence and the guitar sounds, are heavily involved in shaping the song and giving it its much-needed taste and sparks. These relevant ingredients are what makes “Rare” thick and as interesting as we love it.

The soothing vocals are magical, taking you into a higher stratosphere of fantasy and leaving you with strong dreamy imaginations. The feel-good vibe of the vocals is its most potent character while matching the key of the song.

The production of the song is of good quality while as it is consistent with the meticulous effort also put into the other aspects of the song’s makeup and totality.

Kela is a purist of fantasia with all the immense talents embedded in her.

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