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Born two minutes apart twenty-three years ago, Lorène & Marine grew up in ​Bourgoin-Jallieu (​map​)​, a small town in France. Surrounded by music since their very young age, and despite two very different personalities, the twin sisters always shared the same passion for singing and writing; music creation providing with both a way to face their demons and a strong grip onto their dreams. When they turned 21, it was time for Lorène & Marine to fly away from the family nest and move to Los Angeles, reaching out to fulfil their dream of starting a new life with music at its core. Lorène & Marine enlisted at UCLA Extension to study Music Production and Music Business, graduating in June 2018 (​picture​). Soon after, the twins started releasing their first songs under the duo name ​L Y S​*. From their first music video LIPSTICK to performing on local trendy scenes such as The Mint and NoHo’s Republic of Pie, Lorène & Marine are making their mark with their pop, sweet, dynamic songs contrasted with ​sororal​ mystery.

References & Collab’s 

Lorène​ & Marine, AKA the duo ​L Y S​ conceive their music as diary, every new page being a new song, encompassing different subjects, styles, and supported by the established talent of various producers. Todd Moore – Ludacris, Quincy Jones, Machine Gun Kelly, French rapper Rohff – produced the track NEXT (to be released 2019).
Studio work at ​Grammy winning studio ​Seahorse Sound​, ​based in DTLA, with Billy Burke.
Music Video to come this summer, directed by ​Henry Lipatov (Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Maroon 5, Eminem, Linkin Park), co-starring ​Javi Luna​ (Disney’s Violetta).
Indian musicians ​Jay N Gag produced the tracks BYE BABE (released) and TIME TO GO (summer 2019).
Cameron Bloom​, UK based producer, created the HANDS’ track (released).
Belgian producer ​Kimon produced I WOULDN’T MIND (To be released March 18) and LIE TO ME (to be released 2019)

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L & M Official Website Link:https://wearelys.com/





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