Warning!! YJRB Will Blow Your Mind

Warning! YJRB will blow your mind. YJRB as an artist personally and professionally has been impressive and that’s so hard to find these days in the world of music. He may well be a new artist But he knows what he’s doing musically. His songs are well mixed and are spiced with intense kicks, and that seems to give his tracks an identity wherever it is being streamed across the world. Talking of identity, YJRB is a core rapper whose songs have a clear reflection of the streets and he’s definitely on point in this aspect. Recently, YJRB just dropped a banger of an album titled, Eastside Interlude, and it has been receiving positive reviews from fans as the number of streams increases daily.

The artist

YJRB was born and raised in the hood of the eastside, in Houston Texas, USA. While growing up on the streets, the artist witnessed a lot of gang violence and as a way to change things on the street, he has taken to music where he has been inspired the most.

As an artist, one of his goals is to show youngsters that there is a better way of life than the streets. Additionally, his passion is also to show the world that hood life is real. Through his music, he will be able to expose the pain, loss, and death hood life can cause.

The album

Eastside Interlude, YJRB’s latest album was released on the last day of September 2022 on streaming platforms. Since then, the 13-track album has received lots of streams. On the album’s cover, YJRB has the names of his pals he lots on the street, as a way of showing respect to them. East coast Interlude is a pure hip-hop and rap album that contains tracks like “Welcome to the Corner” and “Settle” amongst others that are of extreme musical quality. Click here to stream YJRB lates album.

Welcome to the Corner

Welcome to the Corner is the opening track of YJRB’s Eastside Interlude album, but the most beautiful thing to note about the album is how all the tracks have been perfectly choreographed into a perfect musical sequence. It’s like the names of tracks are telling a story from the first to the last. Honestly, “Welcome to the corner” fits the order of being the opening track on this huge album.

It starts with an intense vocal that introduced the song as the syncopation of synth beat, piano, and hi-hat takes over. Additionally, a mix of various mind-blowing instrumentals including the commanding rap vocals followed through as the track spirals down from the intro. Welcome to the Corner is a buffet of different rap cuisine, as you have YJRB, HollyHood Tay, and Lose D. Truth on it. Overall, the track is a pure sound of bliss. It is lyrically astute and comprises an intro, chorus 3 verses, and an outro.


The Track “Settle” gives the vibe of J cole at the beginning of the track, but as the track plays along, the originality of YJRB takes over. Settle, as the track’s name implies is a cool rap song that comprises an intense kick with other rhythmic instrumentals and dope rap vocals. On the song, YJRB was reminiscing on moments with an ex-lover and how he was happy for her. YJRB’s “Settle” is a 3:14 minutes song that comprises an outro, two verses, a chorus, and an outro.

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