Brooklyn Finest Hip-Hop / Rap Artist * MZ . DYZIHRE *

“My Music Delivers A Message”

Artist Name: Mz. Dyzihre
Genre: Hip-Hop / Rap
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Present Location: Houston, Texas

One word to best describe what the music game is missing !!!

Mz.Dyzihre, a native of New York grew up on the streets of Brooklyn. She has always had a taste for the arts. What sets her apart from other female artist is that her music is relatable and it conveys a message. Mz.Dyzihre currently just released her single “Hello New York” that is available on Spotify, CD Baby, and Tidal. Her album “Femcee Chronicles” coming soon will feature chart-topping hits such as “Checkmate”, “Hello New York ” and “Doowa” just to name a few.

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Exclusive Interview

Q: Can You please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
A: Kathryn Lisa Scurry / Mz.Dyzihre

Q: How old are you?
A: ?

Q: Where are you from and Where were you born?
A: Brooklyn ,NY

Q: At What age did you start making music?
A: 16

Q: What genre of music do you particularly love? Jazz? Hip-Hop? RnB?
A: I value all genres. But my preference is
Hip-Hop, Reggae and R&B

Q: Who is your favorite artist and why?
A: Me. I love that fact that I can adapt to many different styles like a chameleon.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Clothing Design , Author, Screenwriter.

Q: Do you play any musical instrument?
A: No. But I’m sure if I tried I could.

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?

Life. My many experiences on this earth has given much inspiration to my music.

Q: Who is your hero?
A: My Grandmother. She is a strong woman raising 35 grandkids including me. I definitly get my strength from her.

Q: Do you write your own music?
A: Yes. I also create tracks.Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
A: Rihanna

Q: What would you like our readers to know about You?
A: I’m not your average artist. I have my own style and I choose to showcase it in my music.

Feel free to tell our readers more about yourself and your music. Things like your goals in life, and what your current projects are?. And also let them know where they can get your music or where you will be performing soon or regularly……

My goal is to connect with other artist worldwide and build my own label with many different genres of music.

My current project :

My Official Music Page :

Femcee Chronicles is set to release early March with my chart topping hits “Hello New York”, “Newpaper” , “Doowa” and Down Low (What You Sippin ?).

I currently perform in Houston, Texas.
I am planning a Spring Tour called
” I Rap With My Clothes On”. Were inquiring Sponsors now !!!.

My music is currently available on

iTunes , Apple Music ,SimfyAfrica
YouTube Art Tracks, Spotify
Amazon Music , Google Play
Deezer ,Groove ,iHeartRadio
Napster , MediaNet, VerveLife
Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital
Juke , Slacker, KKBox , Akazoo Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media Yandex , Target Music ClaroMusica, Zvooq, Saavn,, 8tracks ,NMusic
Q.Sic, Musicload, Kuack ,Boomplay Music

Thank you for your time.

Peace and God Bless


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Exclusive Interview With – EMMANUEL SMITH –

We had exclusive interview with him and his expression contain definition. Please read.

 Q: Can You please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
A: My real name is Emmanuel Smith-Tali
stage name is Emmanuel Smith
Q: How old are you?
A: I’m 28years old

Q: Where are you from and Where were you born?

A: Ghana

Q: At What age did you start making music?

A: I developed a love for music from a very young age. During times I felt lonely or sad I would sing songs and it would help me feel at peace. Therefore growing up I sang a lot when people were not around till I got given the chance to sing in front of people and that’s when I realised I had a natural God given Gift to perform in front of people and to see the effects of what I was singing to them.

Q: What genre of music do you particularly love? Jazz? Hip-Hop? RnB?

A: “ music is the key to the soul”
Music is a universal language just as love is and I’m happy to be a part of the culture of music. I really don’t have a particular genre of music , I love to create songs in all musical direction been it Jazz , Hip-Hop, RnB or Soul.
As long as it delivers the message of Christ.

Q: Who is your favourite artist and why?

A: Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite artists because of his creativity and amazing composition of lyrics, oh and Jonathan Butler.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I loves to compose and write songs as well as bring creative sounds and melodies to the songs I make.

Q: Do you play any musical instrument?

A: guitar and keyboard

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?

A: Jonathan Butler

Q: Who is your hero?

A: my Lord and personal saviour ,
Lord Jesus Christ and my lovely mother .
Q: Do you write your own music?
A: yes, I do … I compose and write songs as well as bring creative sounds and melodies my music.

Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

A: I would love to sing alongside Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite artists because of his creativity and amazing composition of lyrics.
Q: What would you like our readers to know about Emmanuel Smith?
A: I am a man devoted to his calling and very passionate about my ministry as a Praise and Worship leader in my church and among the large community in the United Kingdom. My goal as an artist is to reconcile the hearts of people back to God. Restoring love and relationship between God and his people.
what your current projects are?
My current project is a project laid on my heart by God to do. It’s going to involve a lot of material that aims to inspire people.
Please feel free to follow the page and get others to follow too.
On Instagram @_bitl.
On twitter it’s @_bitl
where to get your music ? or where i will be performing soon or regularly ?
Mostly on YouTube “ Emmanuel Smith”
or my social media pages. I also post up where I will be performing next or soon on my social media pages.
Facebook – Emmanuel Smith Tali
Instagram – @emmanuelsmith_
Twitter – emmanuelsmith_





Exclusive Interview With V12 Blaq Sinatra*The King of Queens Bridge*

Q: Can You please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
A: Vjuni Shaun walker

Q: How old are you?
A: 33, I will be 34 in April

Q: Where are you from and Where were you born?
A: I’m from QUEENSBRIDGE New York   longislandcity  queens New York, I was born in Japan came to states at 11 years old

Q: At What age did you start making music?
A: I started making music at age of 12

Q: What genre of music do you particularly love? Jazz? Hip-Hop? RnB?
A: I like all types of music but hip hop and RnB is my favourite

Q: Who is your favourite artist and why?
A: Frank Sinatra /Michael Jackson because there music is so timeless it can’t be duplicated by anyone no matter how hard they try

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: The studio is my life I like to play basketball football baseball I like going to the movies make money etc. (hobbies)

Q: Do you play any musical instrument?
A: I play the trombone, baritone and I like horns. I was in a band as a child

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?
A: My inspiration comes from god and the energy my fans gave to me

Q: Who is your hero?
A: God is my hero

Q: Do you write your own music?
A: Yes I write all my music

Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
A: Beyoncé

Q: What would you like our readers to know about V12?
A: That I’m humble and blessed and I came a long way to get to this point in my life and I’m just happy to finally be here

** Feel free to tell our readers more about yourself and your music. Things like your goals in life, and what your current projects are?. And also let them know where they can get your music or where you will be performing soon or regularly……

That I’m humble and blessed and I came a long way to get to this point in my life and I’m just happy to finally be here

At the end of my career I want people to say I am the greatest to ever do it.








The Youngest Film Producer & Master Painter-MALACHI. J.PAIGE

 Malachi John Paige aka MalColdVisions The Independent Art Label is a Multi-Media Art Producer (Artist), Art instructor, Actor, Film Director, Producer, Writer, Fashionista and Model that was born in Detroit, Michigan.
Detroit was the place where he had first picked up a brush at age 2 and experienced things most toddlers haven’t considering the environment so fairly soon after.
At age 5, he had been moved to Cary North Carolina.
Cold had showed great potential at an early age and had won an art competition and had been selected to present an original painting of his in 2nd grade for the entire school to see in a museum set up like setting. Even throughout grade school, Cold had been considered a basketball player, it was still obvious how creative and different he was through his fashion and the way he went about himself.
After high school, in 2014 Cold was accepted into Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia where he had chosen to be a Philosophy/Theatre doubles major.
His freshman year he had got a chance to meet Cornel West and have him sign an original he had produced of him during a special visit to King Chapel. Besides school, Cold had fell in love with Black Hollywood and figured with his appearance he’d try his hand in modelling for exposure and extra money. While doing so, he walked in a few star studded shows and even walking in front of the likes of Waka Flocka. Besides modeling, he is also considered an natural actor and had been casted in the upperclassmen flooded cast as a freshman in Spelman’s ‘Art After Dark’ at Baldwin Burroughs Theatre and had also been Sold Out both performing nights creating further inspiration to take the Arts seriously.
That same year, he had claimed himself as MalColdVisions The Independent Art Label. The summer after his freshman, 2015, Cold had been posted by Gucci Mane via Instagram, that is one of Cold’s biggest influences that had been a huge feat for him and random as well.
Unfortunately he was not tagged but it was obvious whose work it was. In that same summer while being back in NC , Cold had been selected to present in The Carrack’s community art show in Downtown Durham and was selected to do an exclusive interview with Film Maker, Ian McClerin.
Going back to Atlanta for his sophomore year, Cold had been living with a few of his closer friends that were popular local rappers that had their own label that had another factor into the birth of Cold’s independent art label. Though it wasn’t music as his comrades were but more emphasis on Film, fashion and of course fine art. At this point Cold has one foot in the streets and one in Fine art but fortunately Cold was selected to present at the 21 & up ‘World Famous Chocolate & Art Show’ at the age 20 where he would not even been able to go if he were not in it. Even with having a successful turnout Post show, Cold had decided to put matters into his own hands. Meaning he would organize his own pop up shops on Morehouse’s campus. With him and his work being quite popular in Atlanta, he had even sold out of prints a few times. Unfortunately in the midst of these great individual feats, Cold had to return home to NC before even finishing his sophomore year.
Fortunately, Cold had been hired as a fine arts instructor at Michaels store in Brier creek where he had taught all ages for a year in half before deciding to focus solely on his career and endeavours. Even though legal matters kept him somewhat limited manoeuvre wise, he had still managed to organize a very successful Short Film viewing/pop at Social Status in Downtown Raleigh, a popular high end and streetwear boutique. All being done by Cold without a manager of any sort.
As an independent Art Label, Cold is the first artist to ever produce a visual album via pdf; a project that contains 13 original pieces along w/ producing credits and he has starred, written, produced and directed in 2 short films that are out on YouTube thus far : Vanity’s Gift and Designer Slave Auction, both increasing in views/buzz daily. More short films and full feature films to come.
Cold’s unique and untraditional approach to the Arts is what separates him most from the pack, and whole also executive independently makes it all the more special. Eager for what’s next..
Please pay a visit to MalColdVisions website here>




The Art And Myth Of Malachi . J. Paige


Break Through With His FATHER’S GUITAR “Jonathan Vautour “

About Jonathan…


It was a lazy rainy day that Saturday afternoon, when one very bored 12 year old Jonathan Vautour first picked up his father’s guitar.

Eventually, a ‘few hours of time to kill’ became a lifelong passion, followed closely by song writing. As years flew by Jonathan found himself playing in worship bands for churches, small gigs at coffee shops, and crowded block parties.

Jonathan is currently working hard to make a name for himself in the musical world, after finishing his first Album, “From The Heart” Which is available for download via Band camp, Amazon, iTunes, and all other major digital music distributors.

“Every song I write is either a story of a struggle, an emotion or ideal that was life changing for me, or a message I was given to share. I aim to proclaim the glory of God and my saviour Jesus Christ through music as I know he has called me to do. The Apostle Paul put it best:”

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”
Acts 20:24

​”​I believe we are all called to this, and we are all given a gift in which we are to go about this, I endeavour to be ever truthful in my song writing, and wear my heart on my sleeve.”

Song writing Influences Include: Brandon Heath, Matt Brouwer,Chris August, Matt Maher,John Rzeznik,​ Jon Bauer and many more.


Jonathan Would Like To Thank…


Chachi From BWE for all the help, and continued support with everything I do, as well as all the top notch graphic art you’ve done for me, love you brother!

Tyson Travnik & Excalibur Productions For all the hard you’ve done and continue to do in the studio, and for the advice and connections you’ve help me make.

Steve & Adeline Kinsley For Giving me the kick in the butt I needed to get out there and do something with my music, and for teaching me that confidence in abilities god has given me is a valuable thing. None of this would have been possible without you.

​Kyle Maclean For helping me out countless times, you’re the bomb bro!

Terry Stroud For helping me further my walk with Christ, and supporting me when I need it most. You’re a true friend, and a godly man.

My Mom & Dad For birthing me, feeding me, clothing me, loving me, accepting me, teaching me, supporting me, and bringing me up in the way of christ.

My Adoptive Grandma, Marilyn Blair For always believing in me and supporting me. Rest in peace.

And most of all my loving saviour Jesus Christ Through whom I’m given the strength to do all things.






Heidi klum “ANGELIC IMPRESSIONIST” Top Model & Project Runway Show Creator

Heidi Klums Modelkarriere begann in ihrer Heimatstadt Bergisch Gladbach. 1992 gewann sie in Gottschalks Late Night Show den Contest Model ’92. Kurz darauf zog sie in die USA, wo sie schnell für einige Jobs gebucht wurde, unter anderem für das bekannte Unterwäschelabel Victoria’s Secret. Nach Ihrem Auftritt in der Victoria’s Secret Show 1997 wurde aus der bis dahin noch relativ unbekannten Heidi Klum „The Body“. Weitere Aufmerksamkeit erfuhr sie, als sie 1998 das Cover der berühmten Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Ausgabe zierte.

Nachdem Heidi in einigen Film- und TV-Produktionen auftrat, wurde auch Hollywood auf sie aufmerksam. Zu ihren Produktionen zählen Gastrollen bei Studio 54, Chaos City, Cursed, Blow Dry, Zoolander, Sex and the City, Malcolm mittendrin, James Bond 007 – Alles oder nichts, Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, Ella – Verflixt & zauberhaft, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, Der Teufel trägt Prada, Perfect Stranger, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Seriously Funny Kids sowie Parks and Recreation. 2011 lieh sie im Animationsfilm „Das Rotkäppchen Ultimatum“ der Heidi ihre Stimme.

Im Jahr 2004 arbeitete sie an der Entwicklung des von Kritikern gelobten Formats „Projekt Runway“ mit, in dem sie auch in der Jury sitzt und die Moderation übernimmt. Derzeit in der 13. Staffel, wurde „Projekt Runway“ bereits sechsmal in der Kategorie „Beste Reality Show“ für den Emmy nominiert und bekam 2007 den prestigeträchtigen Peabody Award verliehen. Außerdem wurde Heidi dreimal in der Kategorie „Beste Reality Show Moderation“ für den Emmy nominiert und hat die 60. Emmy-Preisverleihung gemeinsam mit den anderen Nominierten in ihrer Kategorie co-moderiert. Darüber hinaus co-produziert und moderiert Heidi die Sendung „Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum“, die derzeit in der zehnten Staffel läuft und regelmäßig sehr gute Quoten in Deutschland erzielt.
Im Laufe ihrer Karriere hat sich Heidi auch in weiteren Projekten engagiert. Eine jahrelange Liebe zum Design in vielerlei Formen hat sich in vielen Design-Kooperationen wie einer Schmucklinie, einer Schuhlinie für Birkenstock und einer Bekleidungskollektion für Jordache niedergeschlagen. Im Februar 2010 stellte Heidi ihre beiden Schwangerschaftsmode-Linien „Loved by Heidi Klum“ für die Marke Destination Maternity und „Lavish by Heidi Klum“ für die Marke Pea in a Pod vor. Kurz danach arbeitete sie mit New Balance zusammen, um eine Sportmoden- und Sneakers-Kollektion zu entwerfen, die den Komfort und die Funktionalität von Sportmode mit Heidis modischen Schnitten und luxuriösen Materialien kombiniert. Die „Heidi Klum für New Balance“-Kollektion wird exklusiv über vertrieben. Im Juni 2011 stellte Heidi außerdem noch die „HK by Heidi Klum“-Schuhkollektion auf vor.

Des Weiteren ist Heidi Autorin des Buchs „Body of Knowledge: 8 Rules of Model Behavior“ und hat zusammen mit Guthy-Renker die Hautpflegeserie „Heidi Klum’s In An Instant“ ins Leben gerufen.
Doch trotz all dieser Projekte ist Heidi immer noch eines der großen Topmodels der Modebranche. Sie hat weltweit das Cover beinahe jedes Modemagazins geziert, darunter InStyle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Town & Country, W, Allure, GQ, Arena, Citizen K, Grazia, Lucky, Jane, Glamour, Self, und Harper’s Bazaar. Im Juni 2009 erschien eine Ausgabe der deutschen Vogue, die die „Heidi-Ausgabe“ getauft wurde. Des Weiteren erschien sie auf dem Titel der „100 Berühmtheiten“-Ausgabe des Forbes Magazins im Jahr 2008.
Heidi hat mit vielen der besten Fotografen der Welt gearbeitet, darunter Sante D’Orazio, Patrick Demarchelier, Gilles Bensimon, Bruce Weber, Matthew Rolston, Arthur Elgort, Walter Chin, Robert Erdmann, Michael Thompson, Mark Seliger, Peter Lindbergh und Steven Meisel. Im Jahre 2009 publizierte der Verlag teNeues den Bildband „Heidilicious“, der eine große Auswahl an Aufnahmen des bekannten Fotografen Rankin zeigt.

Heidi ist in Werbekampagnen der Firmen McDonald’s, Diet Coke (seit zwei Jahren ist sie auch Sprecherin für die Red Dress/Herzgesundheitskampagne des Unternehmens), Volkswagen, H&M, Nike, Ann Taylor, Dannon, Thomas Wylde, American Express, Target, Express, Liz Claiborne, Lenscrafters, Siemens, Givenchy, Nine West, INC, Finesse, Braun und im prestigeträchtigen Pirelli-Kalender zu sehen gewesen. Für 14 Jahre war sie ein „Engel“ der weltweit bekannten Unterwäsche-Marke Victoria’s Secret, trat in den Kampagnen und auf der jährlichen Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show auf, die sie in fünf Jahren auch moderierte.
Im Jahre 2010 wurde Heidi vom Internet-Unternehmen AOL eingeladen, eine Online-Präsenz für die moderne Frau zu schaffen. „Heidi Klum on AOL“ ging im Mai 2011 online und bietet exklusive Inhalte, Videos und Blogs von Heidi und einem Expertenteam zu den unterschiedlichsten Themengebieten von Mode und Schönheit über Kindererziehung bis hin zu Partyplanung. Als Jurymitglied bei “America’s Got Talent” ist Heidi seit 2013 im Einsatz.

Heidi modelt und designt weiterhin, während sie neue Formate fürs Fernsehen entwickelt und für „Heidi Klum on AOL“ schreibt. Ihre Freizeit verbringt Heidi mit ihrer Familie.





The British Collective “Piece Of Heaven”

As modern classic soul goes, there are choices aplenty thanks to an array of independent projects coming and going on a daily basis. Few, however, combine so many of the essential elements as does The British Collective on Vol 1: The Renaissance Begins… Comprised of a dream cast of veteran and longstanding singer-songwriters from all corners of the UK R&B spectrum—Junior Giscombe, Leee John, Don-E, Omar, and Noel McCoy, the well-studied and equally enthusiastic ensemble delivers a festive 14-track CD embodying all that’s fulfilling and enriching about British black music of the past three decades.

The Renaissance Begins… was previewed in 2014 by the coolly swingin’ midtempo, “Romantic.” While that number still pleases, it actually pales in comparison to much of the remarkable material that the Collective has come up with in the interim. From the first measure of the opening “Piece of Heaven,” the guys’ metaphysical understanding of what makes a great groove becomes clear. The vibe is addictive enough to please fans of up-to-the-minute sonic permutations, but solidly grounded in a timeless sensibility that will quickly win over old-school devotees. Don-E’s lightly floating tones on the first verse contrasted with Noel McCoy’s shades of yearning on the second are an example of how the group’s versatile influences provide satisfying returns time after time.

Continuing the flow of “Heaven,” the punchy and peppery “Stay” builds anticipation with convivial handclaps before the groove kicks in. Junior’s impassioned tenor displays both power and vulnerability which have not faded with the years, as a contagious background chant of “Get down, baby girl, get down” compliments the ride further. Lest there be any concern that The Renaissance Begins… is structured from merely a couple of strong entries, the aural delight keeps on with the atmospheric jam “Higher Love” (featuring guests Alex Charles and Errol Reid). Emblazoned with undertones of legato keyboard work, the song’s straight-ahead message of hedonism by means of music and dance is brought home by acutely executed vocal phrasing and subtly sophisticated harmonies.

Following this triple threat of funky uptempo soul, the pace is slowed momentarily for the winding reggae calm of “Take Your Time,” succeeded by the inviting house swagger of “Won’t You Come Over.” Andrew Roachford and Donavon Blackwood lend their distinctive pipes to the latter, leading surprisingly smoothly into the slower, yet just as tasty “That’s Why.” The tune blends rhythmic elements of bossa nova and calypso (courtesy of Andrew McLean) which gel impressively with Omar’s deep, hardy delivery and Leee John’s serene flourishes.

Building even deeper on the wide-ranging palette of sounds, the Collective tackles Trevor Walters’ lovers’ rock anthem “Love Me Tonight” (a 1981 top-30 UK hit) in modestly jazzy groove fashion. Though it’s hard to touch the unaffected sweetness of the original, the guys do a credible job of preserving its integrity while adding distinguished vocal characteristics—from John’s understated treatment to Don-E’s earnestly ardent attack. Meanwhile, John displays a similarly soft charisma on the original, ultra-kinetic “Flow,” a synth bass-driven track bolstered by Junior’s vibrant runs. “Loosen up, feel the pleasure, let yourself flow…” Indeed.

On a particularly ambitious note, John covers Eddie Kendricks’ 1974 gem “Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need.” Strikingly channeling Kendricks with his pure falsetto allurement, he conjures the bittersweet lyrics with acute candor. Although the backing arrangement is slightly lacking in warmth, it functions reliably and is abetted by gutsy closing vamps by McKoy.

After the endearing “Sign of the Times,” The Renaissance closes with the gentle swayer “Doctor Love,” a no-frills slow jam highlighting the Collective’s adept harmonies from start to finish, complimented with an appearance by Glen Goldsmith. It’s a left-field choice to end the set, given that it’s more than a few notches down in tone from almost all of the other cuts; but it serves as additional testament to the guys’ through-and-through successful quest to stray from compartmentalization and formula. Highly recommended.




Zauntee *GOD Taught Me*





Born in 1999, he started writing songs at age ten, and started producing at fourteen.

His mission is to help listeners realize that they don’t have to be what the culture says that they’re “supposed to be”. “The rap game really focuses on brainwashing young people who don’t have any real role models,” he states, “most kids think that the only way to be fulfilled in life is to follow the crowd.” He also points out how there is a constant onslaught of stereotypes.

“Everybody’s telling us that because of where we’re from, or what we look like, we can only accomplish certain things.”

Zauntee’s motivation is to help people breakout of unfair situations. “The puppet masters at the top are intent on smothering the outcry of the oppressed and keeping things the way they are, I’m intent on starting a revolution.”

“I make music people want, with a message that they need,” says Zauntee, “this generation wants things to change, they just need someone to lead them. That’s why I’m here.”



Humbled King ( JL )

The rapper and composer Jesse Kolb (who is also known as “JL”) is heading courageously towards the charts with his new album “Project Road Trip” (PRT). New music videos “Keep fighting for hip hop”,  “Y’all  don’t hear me”, It’s about to go down and Chemistry” was released on Apr. 11, 2017.
The artist “JL” has built his foundation on a broad spectrum.

“JL” was born in Mannheim (Germany) and grew up there until he moved to the United States at the age of eight. As a child, “JL” inspired many with his gift of written and spoken poetry, even though he struggled with writing.
His teachers, however, allowed him to submit poems in replace of essays. The teachers were impressed by his poems and then hung them up in the classroom so that all the students could read them. It was not until he was 18 years old that the producer Ron Pearson could take him under his wing, who then taught him how to rap.

“JL” has performed not only throughout California and Las Vegas (NV) but has also played throughout Missouri. He brought out the band “DHC” (Divers Hustlers’ Committee), which promoted Afro-American artists by performing their rap music in predominantly whites inhabited communities. “JL” also brought out the band “United We Stand”, which opened the door for many rap artists and singers, performing as opening acts.
In 2010

“JL” teamed up with “Lil Wayne”, “United We Stand” and “jminista Graphic King” for “Be Me”. For two years, this song topped the club charts in the U.S. and all that being un-signed at that time.

His life is paved with many hardships and triumphs; from the lowest depths to the highest heights, “JL” was able to get to know both sides of the spectrum – in Germany as well as in the U.S… His music depicts his story in the real form. He has been compared to some of the best contemporary artists, such as: “Common”, “J. Cole” and “Eminem”. However, with his German “Swag” he is alone on the playing field.

“JL” has been inspired by the greatest of hip-hop, including “Jay Z” and “The Notorious B.I.G.” and hopes to collaborate with “Jay Z” himself one day.
In 1998 “JL” was able to grace a stage, which was in front of a crowd of 3,000 spectators in Germany. With this attention, he was given the opportunity to perform as a pre-band for many renowned artists. Among them were “D4L”, “Waka Flocka Flame”, “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony” (at the “United We Stand” show in 2010), “Ray J”, “J. Holiday”, ” Soulja Boy”, “Yo Gotti”, “Murphy Lee” and “Nelly”.
Now “JL” stands on his foundation in order to step further determinedly

“JL” has released eight mix tapes: “Circle of My Life”, “Circle of My Life Pt. 2”, “Two Worlds Collide”, “The Truth Is Here”, “A Hustler’s Proof”, “Grind time”, “50/50”, “8th Day” and his latest release, “6 Steps to Fame”.
In the year 2016, he participated in “The Voice of Germany” and presented the song “Encore” by “Jay Z” in a nice way.

“JL” is a professional in constructing and dissecting each beat so that it fits perfectly with all other parts of a song. He is adamant to identify himself as an artist and not just as a rapper or a composer. “JL” defines rap as a rhythm plus poetry because it reveals the creativity that was invested in composing a song. Embracing the God-given gift of being able to motivate others by his words, he began his pursuit as an artist and could finally appear in the whole of Europe and in the U.S.A…

“JL” regularly performs as a rapper and MC with “Snap!” the cult band from the 90s. In April 2015, he and “Snap!” were able to perform to more than 25,000 people in Moscow (Russia). He currently concentrates all his energy and attention on his “Project Road Trip” (PRT VOL1), which he created from the ground up and decisively forms together with artists from “The Voice of Germany” Some facts about rap.
Rap (rhythm and poetry) is historically based on West African Griots and on the Jamaican genre of toasting and came up after 1970 in Afro-American communities throughout the U.S.A.. Since then it has been spread also to other parts of the world, including Germany.

Germany, for instance  a traditional dimension was basically lost and present German rappers are just on the verge of creating their own rap culture. Though staying connected to the roots of rap would be wise by any rapper throughout the world.

Links to “JL”

Music video “Chemistry”:
German article:

Thanks for reading this article about, Jesse Kolb aka “JL”: of the Art of Rapping.


Artist Video





The Chosen One *QNG William Okeke*

William Okeke alias QNG, a German citizen, originally born Nigerian, from
Abia State.
William Okeke studied Computer Science(programming CPA)at University of Calaba in Nigeria, before travelling to Germany.
QNG, with his own Record Label QuestnGodMusic, is a rising artist in popularity in music.
He is a song and poet writer, book author, philosopher, visionary, talent developer, drummer, music composer and many more…
QNG has launched three successfull selling albums:
“HEAVENLY FINEST” with 14 tracks including the hit “TALENTED”
“META4RIC GOD” with 9 tracks including “THE META4RIC GOD CONCERT”, also available as DVD addition.
“WHAT TRUTH” with 9 tracks.
QNG has organised many concerts and participated in several concerts and festivals with M4G, MGE, AUGUST PRAISE and worked with other artists like DJ Hooker, DJ Bleed, DJ Homeboy, Olly DJ SPO, DJ RUFFY, San John, MGE, Da Cruz, etc.

QNG has participated in creating songs with international artists like
Kayne West, “LOVE LOCKDOWN”,
Green Day, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
There are also TV interviews and presentations to be viewed on : Tide TV Hamburg
QNG’s music style, which is best known as Gospel Contemporary Music, is a quite young music genre.
Looking through his private life as a Cheerful Loving Father, happily married with many Children, this has been a great blessing from God to QNG as a multitalented Artist during his Musical carrier.
QNG, is also in support of the movement of a new film Premier Father Effect by JOHN FINCH.

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