Smooth & Faithful Bird Eyes Look”Helene Fischer”


Everyone remembers the moment when the German national team became world champion in Brazil for the fourth time. The day will be a triumph in German history, and, of course, a very special person, who at first glance has nothing to do with football: Helene Fischer . Why did not she miss this show? The Germans love their football team. And the Germans also love Helene Fischer .

The singer has laid an unprecedented musical career and creates with her songs what hardly anybody creates – she brings together young and old, city and country, men and women, all on one eye. It is the intersection to which all can agree, and in the best sense. Their cordial nature, the pragmatic nature, their down-to-earth attitude to life – actually unglamorous attributes – lend it extra glamor.

All the more interesting is now on her new album, because already the title suggests quite correctly that it is probably her most personal. It is simply called “Helene Fischer”, straightforward and unaffected. What is so modest is nothing but the ventilation of a great mystery – why the 32-year-old is so incredibly successful. It is their ability to mix genres and create their own identification platforms.

“Only with you” is such a piece with great recognition. It is about love and the feeling of having finally found the one that has always been sought. The lyrics ” With you I can be at home no matter where we are ” sums up a longing in words that everyone can understand. “Only with you” sounds poppy and yet does not lose any depth. Similar, but with a bit more tempo, the song “rollercoaster” works . Helene Fischer gives German-speaking music a modern garb, which has only little to do with the original concept of Schlager. This makes her as an artist so exciting and also a bit unpredictable.

Anyone who is now afraid that Helen Fischer broke with her eighth album to completely new shores, can breathe a sigh of relief. No, she remains faithful; But also shows that she moves safely in every genre. “Your look” has unmistakable country references. “With every heart beat” is a classic piano piece in the singer / songwriter style. “Viva La Vida” has summer hit qualities, “We break the silence” the potential of a fulminant stadium anthem. “Sun on the Skin” is an astringent pop that forces you unconditionally to hear this song in the car when the window is cranked down. According to!
A real surprise is “Herzbeben” , because with this song, it dares to be uncharted. Electric elements and Schlager? Is that possible? Oh yes, that goes! Beat and bass jump into the blood, you want to get up and dance instantly. “Heartquake” caught a mildly unprepared. One wonders at once: Is that really Helene Fischer? And at the same time, it is perfectly clear that only one can sound like this.
But also quiet tones find their place on this record. “You made me strong” encourages to stop, to look back. With song lines like ” When the air burns here, then I stop you ” from “Aviator” fulfills her longings and builds emotional thought-locks. A very special pearl is “Adieu” , reminiscent of old Parisian chansons. Helene Fischer once again shows a high degree of empathy with her song selection: Only those who are willing to feel deeply can get into others, understand them. The musician Helene Fischer understands her fans, can put herself into many living situations and draw from it creativity. The man Helene Fischer shows with this album: I am one of you, the first among equals. And that is why it is so popular, so successful and certainly with these songs an anchor for millions of listeners



* Macy Kate * The Youngest Singer Ever to Record With Pop Sensation

At only 16 years old, she is the youngest singer ever to record with pop sensation Sean Kingston, with her single, First Kiss. She recently released her single, You Gave Me love on YouTube & ITunes. She has done endorsement work for Uber, Blenders Eyewear, JewelMint and Samsung. She has performed with and has been a supporting act for many national concerts, including The OMG Girlz, Aaron Carter, Austin Mahone, Frank Musik, Radio Disney, Alex G., Rick Springfield and recently toured with boy band Before You Exit. She plays piano, organ, and keytar and don’t forget she as a beautiful voice!

Since performing on the show, she is still performing and doing weekly YouTube videos every Monday. Plus she has toured with Flo Rida, and even singing along with him on some of his songs, including Wild Ones.

The Magic In Him-*-Is The Element Of Great Music&Visuals With 600mm Views


Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt Hugo Schneider is a composer, music producer, and director. Most of his work is on his YouTube channel, created in October 2007, now with over 3MM subscribers and over 600MM views.

Kurt was born in Baltimore in 1988 and grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He become involved in musical theater in high school and quickly developed a love of music and performance. He majored in mathematics in college, while developing his musical and technical abilities by creating content for his YouTube channel. In 2009, he created the production company NoodleHouse Studios. In 2011 he moved to Los Angeles, where he lives and works–composing, producing , performing, and directing.

Also, I love to experience a great performance–so much so that I want to create my own productions. I love to play with all those elements that go into making something wonderful for me–great music and great visuals. I love to collaborate with my team of musicians and artists to make it all come together as if it were the most natural and easy thing to do in the world. I go for the magic.

Return Of The Saint *Alphonso Williams*


Alphonso Williams was born on 20 July 1962, the youngest of 12 children in Detroit, Michigan. His father, Archie Williams, was a well-known Baptist preacher. From a small age onwards, Alphonso Williams spent not only the Sundays, but also a large part of his spare time in the church, where he came into contact with music very early. He sang with his siblings Michico, Charles, Johnny-Maine, Linda and Matilda in the Gospelchor. Well-known musicians and singers from friendly and neighboring communities, a. Aretha Franklin, visited the worship services. From his home in Hecla Street to the Motown studio of Berry Gordy Jr. on the West Grand Boulevard, Alphonso often walked and sat there, while there were well-known soul sizes. After a successful degree at the Murry Right Highschool, Alphonso began a GI career with the US Army and was transferred to the Lucius D. Clay-Kaserne in 1980, after Garlstedt (near Bremen). His service ended in 1983. He met his present wife, Manuela, together they have two children. Even during his time in Germany, the music was his constant companion. Thus he made the balancing act between gospel and pop music and sang u.a. Also in the dance and show band of his mother-in-law. Also her first son, Raphael Williams, who was born in Oldenburg in 1987, came early to the music and was already sitting as a small boy on the drums of his grandfather. In the school band of the KGS Rastede, his talent as a beatboxer and rapper was recognized and promoted. From their passion Alphonso and Raphael founded the duo “Father & Son”. Later, the radio station Bremen4 drew attention to the duo and recorded them in their program at many events. They successfully participated in various singing competitions together, but also as single artists, such as “Fehmarn sucht den Inselstar”, “TV-Total” (Pro7), “Das Supertalent” & “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (RTL), “My Name “” Hot Banditoz “,” Monrose “,” Daniel Lopes “, and” The World’s Greatest “(RTL 2), etc., performed in the pre-program of the” Hermes House Band “,” Vulture Draft “,” Revolverhelden ” , A .. You continue to support various youth and children’s projects.

The Honorable JOHN FINCH “Father Effect Film”


     John Finch grew up the youngest of 3 boys in a suburb of Dallas where he lost his father to suicide at age 11. As a young man, John did anything he could to avoid confronting the wounds he suffered as a result of being fatherless. His craving for affirmation from a father who was not there to provide it, led him to seek that affirmation from the world in many unhealthy ways. In an attempt to find value as a man, he created a false persona that left him completely unfulfilled. His life was based on the pursuit of money in order to prove his success and he became a social alcoholic as he strived to be the life of every party and gain the attention of those around him.

It was only when John realized and dealt with the unresolved issues of his father wound that he was able to become truly fulfilled. On April 10th, 2009, he finally came face to face with the issues that drove him to seek approval from a father who was not there to give it to him. By forgiving his father and recognizing what it truly means to be a man by God’s standard, he became a new man, husband and father.

John seeks to break down the barriers that prevent men and women from addressing deep rooted anger and hurt from the wounds they have suffered in this life by candidly and openly sharing his story, his failings, and his path to a new way of life. John’s mission is to educate, encourage and equip men to become the fathers they were created to be, and to help men walk in daily awareness of their significant and lifelong influence as fathers. Through The Father Effect Movie, John shares stories and messages that will move viewers to a new awareness about the everlasting impact of fathers and the importance of forgiveness and openness in the relationships of this world.

John has been married for 21 years and has three beautiful daughters. He is incredibly thankful for the second chance to be a father and husband who can offer himself to those he loves without the burden of the bitterness and anger that overshadowed his life for so many years.

Contact John by email at

“Keep Fighting” by Jesse a.k.a JL.

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Nigerian Princess Vitarah Featuring on TopAfric Music Video Next Countdown Show with “I Want 20 Inch D*ck” on Number 11

US-born Nigerian Artist, Princess Vitarah will be featured on Germany’s TopAfric Music Video Ep8 Music Video Countdown Show with her viral song “I Want 20-inch D*ck”.

Princess Vitarah who made her debut in the Nigerian music scene in March 2016 with a disputable song titled ‘Nigerian Pussy’ has done it again with another one titled “I Want 2o Inch Dick”.

In the video “I Want 20 Inch Dick”, Princess Vitarah showcases the Nigerian flag in the background with several cucumber fruits flaunted in a sexually suggestive manner.

About Princess Vitarah

She was born in the United States but her family moved back to Nigeria to the family’s village in Arochukwu—when she was little, then she lived in Houston for a while before moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015 to pursue a musical career

Vitarah began her career as a rapper by releasing material through the internet in late 2015. She earned public recognition after two of her songs, “Nigerian Pussy” and “I Want 20 Inch Dick”, went viral.

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Princess Vitarah got Another Spot on TopAfric Music Video Next Countdown Show Ep8 – Number 12 with “Nigerian Pussy”

After being listed for TopAfric Music Video’s Episode 8 Top 15 Countdown Show

with her song, “I want 20Inch D*ck”. Nigerian Princess Vitarah also got another blockbuster song on Number 12 on the list that has raked over 100k views on Spotify which is damn impressive. On Number 11 of TMV Ep8 Countdown show, it’s “Nigerian Pu**y”.


Here’s what TopAfric Music Video Has to Say;

Princess Vitarah somewhat caused a storm online with the release of her song titled ‘Nigerian pussy’.

Watching and listening to her music video Nigerian pussy, it’s no surprise that she’s gone viral. On the track, the artist brags that “Nigerian pussy is the tightest, Ghanian pussy is not! Nigerian p***y is the softest, it’s the cream of the crop. Naija pussy makes a nigga wanna pay“.

The song “Nigerian Pussy” broke the record for most downloads in 24 hrs in Nigeria and now has more than 100,000 streams on Spotify the first for any African female rapper ever. Princess Vitarah has been praised for opening doors for African women concerning the expression of sexuality.

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World Class Hip Hop And R&B Artist “Rayven Justice” Born In Oakland, California.

Early life

Rayven Justice was born on August 13, 1991 in Oakland, California.[2] Raised in East Oakland, in his youth he started making music with his younger brother, singing and rapping under his legal name Rayven Justice. His brother’s name Raymen Justice, and together they formed the hip hop and R&B musical duo Justice Brothers. After his brother was shot and killed in 2010,[3] Rayven Justice decided to commit himself full-time to music in his brother’s memory.[2]

Music career[edit]

2010-12: First releases[edit]

In 2010 he collaborated on the track “Throw the Cash,” which proved to be Rayven Justice’s first significant breakthrough.[2] The single was later included on his August 2011 mixtape Something About Rayven. In 2012 he soon after released the album Both Sides of the Tracks.[2] Rayven Justice released several singles that summer as well. In 2013 he partnered with Rita Lee, CEO of Nuface Entertainment, to form Rayven Justice Music Group, and Signed a non exclusive distribution deal with Empire Distribution.Although a partnership with California based label Urban Life Distribution with aegis of Sony RED was planned , Justice chose EMPIRE Distribution .[3]

2013: “Slide Thru” and collaborations[edit]

External video
 Rayven Justice – “Slide Thru” (Explicit) on VEVO (Dec 4, 2013)

In late 2013 he released his single “Slide Thru,” which featured Migos. It was published through Empire Distribution in San Francisco,[4] and received regular airplay on the Bay Area radio station KMEL.[3] Wrote about the song in 2014, “it shows how very slight variations on an existing formula can create radically different effects on the listener, the cartoonish ‘I’m Different‘ pianos mutating into enigmatic atmosphere.”[4] A remix of “Slide Thru” by Migos was later released in March 2014.

In January 2014, he release the mixtape I have a dream was released by January 20, 2014

August 2014: I Have a Dream EP and album[edit]

He has toured in support of his music, opening KMEL’s annual Summer Jam concert held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.[3] According to Rayven Justice, the Oracle Arena performance held personal significance, as he and his younger brother had previously promised one another never to attend Summer Jam unless they were performing at the event.[5] He was living in the Bay Area as of early 2014, also spending time in Los Angeles to collaborate with rappers and producers[6] such as TeeFlii.,[6][7] and in September he toured throughout much of the United States with Compton rapper Problem .

On August 19, 2014 he released the EP I Have a Dream, with tracks such as “Slide Thru,” “I See You” featuring Kool John, and “Hit or Nah.”[3] The album was released on his own record label, with the singles distributed through Empire Distribution. He released a second remix of his earlier track “Slide Thru” in October 2014, with a feature by Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame.[8] A music video for their collaboration was released in early November, as was an album-length version of I Have a Dream Deluxe. Rayven Justice is one of several Bay Area artists selected to perform at the first EMPIRE Unplugged live recording session on December 11, 2014, which also included other soul and R&B artists such as Chinx Uncle Murda Joe Moses Eric BellingerJonn Hart, and Lyrica Anderson.[9]

In early 2015, he released a single with aspiring rapper Ankit Oswal “AO” under the label Team3MG. This topped multiple charts on youtube, and desi-hiphop. He is currently working with AO on a second single expected to be released in early 2017.[10]

July 17, 2015 Rayven Justice released The Cassette Playlist Mixtape hosted by Dj Carisma.

Uplift from, Leonardo Latty (Leonardo Muzik)


Leonardo Muzik was born Leonardo Latty on the 28th day of February 1986 in the parish of Clarendon where he resided in the district of Banks.He attended the Race Course Primary School and then went on to the Garvey Maceo High School where he discovered his love for the music and started djing and singing in class rooms and vibing with friends also participating in school concerts etc. After high school he started his musical journey.currently recording.

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Contact Leonardo Muzik: 1876 864 9843